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Hello all and Happy Holidays,

I recently came back to SWTOR and I've been debating on which class to go with. I'm mainly a melee dps type of guy is which why I've leveled a sentinel, guardian, and vanguard. I did level a gunslinger to 50 but I found that I just enjoy melee much more. I want to pick one class and stick with it since I'm a min/max type of person and am willing to really sit down and master a class. Like I said, I mainly want to dps but having another role would be a bonus since I can always fill different roles and not miss content. I am looking at also pvping once in a while. Here we go:

Vanguard (Assault)
Pros: Can produce some of the best dps, can also tank, great utility
Cons: Lack of a distance closer, lack of a distance attack after patch a while back

Pros: Can produce top dps, only focuses on dps, has a range closer (force leap), great buffs/utility
Cons: So many sents, can only dps

Pros: Can dps well if played correctly, can tank, has a range closer (force leap), has armor debuff
Cons: Even played correctly dps isnt as good as it could be, lack of utility

Well there it is. If anyone can provide their insights or advice, that would be great. At this time it does feel like its between my vanguard and my sentinel. If guardian was more competitive, I think it would easily be my main.

Thanks for your advice and Happy Holidays!