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12.25.2012 , 04:54 PM | #1
Let's get this out of the way - stun bubbles as they are currently are broken. I'm pretty dumbfounded that an emergency patch hasn't been issued for this yet - it's ridiculous. I'm not asking for them to be removed completely, but you NEED to do one of the following two things, and do it VERY soon (you've already had over a month now).

Please, please, please do one of these (or something better, I'm not a game designer):

1. Make the stun give us the correct amount of resolve - currently it takes 12 of them (alone) to fill resolve. TWELVE. Pathetic - so that's a potential 36 second stun, channeled abilities are destroyed by this.
2. Make the stun only occur when the bubble is broken on the caster - not EVERYONE it's casted on, what a ****-brained idea *slowclap*, you could also do with increasing the cooldown on it but slightly increase the amount of damage absorbed.

I expect to see this being addressed in the next patch notes.