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12.25.2012 , 04:36 PM | #4438
**getting ready to head to folks while icing sets and fudge chills**

I've been waiting all year to break this out.

On a Star Wars related note, Happy Life Day!

Stir whip whip stir beat!

On topic: I'll be sending out more emails by the end of the coming weekend. I've got a new email to send out and I still need to work on the wording.

You guys are great! I'm absorbing all the conversation and learning a bunch as I go. Too bad I probably won't play the ME series; it looks more like a FPS with roleplaying elements. I'm not really into FPS'.

Thanks for the tip for DA2. I'll keep an eye out once I'm done with Origins and Awakening. The romances are really stellar thus far. It's nice to see more of what I've been working towards.

You guys be safe, don't drink too much eggnog, and try to have a great holiday.