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To RE and learn a schematic you need the item bound to you. So, if you can't socket in something because of your level, you won't be able to learn the schematic.

If you have a 50 of any crew skill, however, you can buy a piece of Legacy gear and have your level 50 apply the mods (binding them to your legacy) and mail the gear to your Cybertech, who can pull them out and should be able to RE as normal.

If you don't have a level 50, I guess you'll just have to wait.

Corso's crit bonus is very good for making Barrels as well as Augments at high levels. However, the best Cybertech companion in the game is the ship droid C2-N2 with an Engineering Unit sensor (purchased from the vendor droid on ships, unlocked through legacy.) So, regardless of your class, you can get a fantastic cybertech companion for a couple hundred thousand credits (as long as you have a buddy with the ship vendor unlock who you can visit).

There's no reason to unlearn Cybertech, it's almost certainly the best credit making crew skill right now.