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I'm a former WoW player that took a three year break from MMO's looking for a adult member guild to share a few laughs and hopefully run some flash points and operations with later on. I'm new to the game and have a family/job so I'm keeping it casual. Thanks!
WRIS is an adult casual PvE guild. We are primary an evening guild (most of us have jobs and families) though we have seen an increase in our afternoon player base.

We have ventrillo, a guild website, and a guild bank. Our guild attempts to accomendate players who enjoy leveling new characters, gearing new 50s, running HMs for daily BH comms, running regular dailies, datecron hunting, as well as random world boss killing. WRIS is also in the process of getting together an OPs team for Thursday evenings (with an additional day to come later). We pride ourselves as being a "non-elitist" guild. Our members range from engineering college students to guys who are retired.

I really don't think there is a better adult casual PvE guild on the server. We have a very high retention rate and over 50 members (all of whom have been active in the last 30 days or less.... Most active within hours or several days).

If you are interested in learning more, shoot myself an in-game whisper (see my sig) or contact our guild leader Sorcero (alt Grimowl and count-Burkley).

Hope to hear from you
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