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12.25.2012 , 03:50 PM | #501
1. the red eclispe
2. all characters
3. The crashes happen from 30 minutes upto an hour of gameplay works out to about 7-10 crashes a day.
4. These crashes seem to happen when coming out and in flashpoints, warzones, new leveling areas and also experiencing them during gameplay. I know when it gonna crash during questing because my characters will start moving in jolts and then will just stop and game will shut down and i'll be on the desktop.
5. This problem seems to happen when memory usage gets too high or reaches a certain level.
6. Windows 7 32 bit 4gb ram which before 1.4 was capable of running the game without crashes.
7. The reason i know its not a disconnection is because i am not led back to the realm page which is what disconnections for me do on this game, also my loading screen for entering areas and during gameplay will just stop and the game will shut down and the application on my toolbar will just disappear.