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i have a low level character with 400 cybertech and the game doesn't allow me to put level 50 mods in items. so i can't remove them to reverse engineer them. do i have to be a level 50 character to do this or am i missing something?
I can't say for sure for these, since I haven't done them specifically, but usually when you put an item mod in an item it binds. If it's any different for these higher-level mods, I'm sure someone knowledgeable will chime in and correct me. Until they do, I'd wait.

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also, it seems smugglers have a companion with +5 armstech critical. how big of an advantage is that? i'm just wondering how much of a difference that makes.
Since it's Corso who has that crit and he's your first companion, it's nice to have Armstech for smugglers since most other professions who get a companion with a crafting crit get them much later. What is it worth? Well, getting any companion to 10k affection means getting them a +5 to crafting crits of any type. Corso starts off with +5 to Armstech and once you get him to 10K affection (he LOVES weapons), that crit becomes +10 for Armstech. That's the highest bonus a companion can have. It's not that much of a big deal for augment slots, given anyone can use an augment kit and for under-50 gear you outgrow the slot as you outgrow the gear, but if you get into a LOT of augment crafting, that's as good as bonus as you can get towards getting 2 augments for the price of 1 if he crits. That's where Corso's crit becomes an advantage.
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