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Mercs do fine on offense, quit trying to buff what doesn't need to be buffed. They said they're looking into some sort of escape so leave it at that. The dps is fine.
No, they do not do fine on offense. If and only if left to free cast their damage is ok, just ok, not amazing or excellent but simply ok. Being intelligent human beings we know a free casting Commando/Merc is not likely to happen, this effectively cuts the Mando/Merc's damage by approximately 40%, assuming a moderately skilled player, with moderate gear and moderate experience, paying moderate attention to the casting Mando/Merc; this now puts the Mando/Merc's damage in a disgustingly low state. I've seen you lobbying on several other threads against Mercs when you obviously do not play one, had you, even just to level 20 you would clearly see the class is no where near viable, especially not in Ranked play. Where you get the idea the class is, absolutely baffles me but you need to stop and mind your own business because you clearly have no idea how the Mando/Merc class works. Even the best players of this class, those of which are managing to push the class beyond it's limits and somehow mustering mediocre performance (which is all the class is capable of at the moment), many of those same people which have posted in threads like this one, if not this very same one will agree that you have no idea what you are talking about.

I, unlike you, actually play the Commando class in all three of it's specs in fully optimized and augmented WH gear. I even managed an active and competent PvP guild on my server, we regularly run premades and queue for Ranked whenever possible. Out of our entire server (Jedi Covenant, Empire side included) there are only 2-3 active Commando/Mercenaries in Ranked matches, 1 of which is in the process of rerolling to a Sentinel, the other contemplating quitting altogether if he doesn't see any adequate changes for Mandos/Mercs on the horizon, and the last one (myself) am in the process of re rolling into a Powertech. When I rolled an ALT on that Mando/Merc's faction to whisper the player and ask why they no longer play the class they responded with very much the same gist of this entire thread. The same general frustration and disdain for the class resonates from up and coming Mando/Merc players as well, when whispered they respond, again, with many of the same responses found in this thread and many proceed to admit that they are either already re rolling, quitting, or have relegated their Mando/Merc into nothing more than a Commendation farming ALT for their new mains.