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What Merc players are left? These issues don't affect sub-50 Merc players. Or lev 50 pve Merc players. This is an issue only for lev 50 pvp Merc players. Of which there are what, 10? 20? Across all servers? They've strangled the life out of the class. Their final solution will be when they offer advanced class switching and then they can claim, those that stay a Merc must be happy with the class so BW doesn't need to buff them. There is simply a fundamental disagreement here. The devs think Merc dps is OP. The player base think Merc dps is the worst class in the game. That disagreement isn't going to be resolved. And that is why the problem won't be solved.
There is definitely more than 20 lvl 50 PvP merc/mandos across all the servers.

It's not the DPS that most seem to have an issue with, most seem to agree that damage potential is fine.

It's how that DPS is applied in WZs, steady damage over a long time with burst requiring a large amount of set up, the fact that most of our attacks can be very easily shut down, and that we are a ranged class with no real way to stay at range.