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12.25.2012 , 03:08 PM | #1
Just reinstalled and resubbed and plan on rerolling to a new server. I just cant decide between either Tank or Healer. I havent found many encounter guides so Im kinda skeptical about rolling a tank. At least with a healer I dont have to worry about mob positioning, interrupts, and having to use CDs at the right moment to avoid big hits. But like I said I cant find many encounter guides so I wont know when to use CDs or how to position mobs especially once I start doing raids. I have played healers and Tanks in both WoW and Rift but there were plenty of encounter guides for both games, especially WoW so I actually found tanking very easy as I at least had some knowledge of every encounter even before attempting them. Or are encounters so easy in this game the reason there are no guides is because they arent needed? If I go with a tank will probably be a Powertech. Still trying to decide on my healer but leaning towards Operative over a Sorcerer since I already played through the SI storyline before on my Assassin.

Also Do both of them get pretty fast queue times while leveling and also once I hit 50? I have no friends or guild so will only be using the LFG tool for all my groups.