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Haven't done any of the romance options yet, I wonder how much of it would need to be rewritten and voiced. The rest of the game has been terribly generic, lost track of how many times I've been m'lorded and sir'ed. Would they really have to do that much?

Interesting perspective I played only female characters so far, but for the romances I tried :

- Smuggler's romance with Corso would probably need to be almost completely rewritten, as he mentions a lot of times that my character is a "lady", needs a husband who would treat her right and so on... Just my opinion ofc but most of those conversations would feel wrong with a male Smuggler.

- Sith Warrior's romance with Quinn : would work fine without any changes at all if the SW was a male. I could count only two lines in the whole romance that would need to be changed (where he mentions the SW being a woman, or his "wife").

But of course, Bioware would still have to call the actors who voiced the player characters and have them record all the lines for the opposite gender's romance.