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12.25.2012 , 03:00 PM | #11
I make sure to cover a few things when I start a new group, almost out of habit.

First we cover if everyone knows what their stats are. As in, is there a Guardian in party wearing Aim gear just because he saw "heavy" and put it on. Once I know the players are wearing what they're supposed to be wearing...

We cover the Need vs Greed on rolls. As many have already stated, "Need" is only for your class, and if its an upgrade to what you already have. Greed on pretty much everything else. When it comes to Companion gear, I don't mind if they Need sometimes, so long as they ask first. The thing people don't realize, is you have plenty of time to make a decision. Nobody should be looting at all until after the mobs are dead. Then when you see something you might want to Need on... ask about it. The keyboard does more than move your toon, it makes words too!

If anyone has a problem with either of those rules, then one of two things will happen. Either that person will leave and be replaced. Or I will switch to Master Loot and nobody gets to ninja anything from anyone.