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12.25.2012 , 02:38 PM | #9
I think I've gotten really lucky with FP groups most of the time because I usually don't have problems with ninjas, but I had the exact same experience as the OP yesterday.

I was tanking SM Taral V on my Vanguard and after downing the first boss, an Aim shield dropped. I needed on it but so did the other two Sages in the group, one of whom won the shield.

I demanded to know why they had needed on the shield in the first place since their class can't even use shields and the sage that won the roll replied that he didn't know what the heck he was doing and was just following the lead of the other sage in the group. you could get to level 30 something and not know what your class uses is beyond me, but I explained that you only roll need on items you can use and greed on everything else.

The sentinel in our group piped in also asking why the sages had needed on the shield. The other sage (who had also rolled need but hadn't won the shield) typed "Well I rolled need because I wanted to give it to Qyzen".... At this point I was about to lose my temper so I asked the sage who had won the roll to trade me the shield. He typed, " oh I guess teammates come first before companions?" and did nothing.

I waited for a few more seconds then to told them to L2P and that if they wanted to ninja stuff they could go find themselves another tank.

If you are DPS it is in your best interest not ninja stuff from the tank, because if he gets pissed and leaves group or vote kicks you, he can find another group or DPS right away....whereas a DPS has to sit in queue for another millennia lol

Add Jessicalife and Fatk to the list of ninjas in this game.