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For me it's seeing the same names on the PuB side consistently... IMP side I get a new team everytime I play a WZ while hardly ever getting placed with people I know. That, and it just seems the IMP side is whoefullly under-geared in all WZs, it's sad when the DPS comes into the WZ with the highest HPs... hopefully this will be rectifed with the ease of getting WH gear now with the latest patch.

Also... does it seem like no one checks the freaking mini-map in games? Or check the health bars of people guarding Nodes? I know that's how I usually respond to a side before ever even hearing the call for help in ops chat... it's so easy... but it seems none of the new pvpers have learned this yet.

Barbie, you finally went PuB eh? It's fine... my guys all re-rolled to PuB too.
can i say something... every time i enter a warzone.. there are pritty decent geared players and i believe it's quite even between both factions. ( guess depends what server/Realm you play on)

Tip: stims and medpacks seem to help players survive longer. If u got the cash, try augments