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If you already admit that the 3 bosses are on the same level, why the hell would someone in their sane mind choose to kill 2 bosses but leave the third alive, and EXPECT the drop of the 3rd boss to drop for them ANYWAY. This is just making no sense whatsoever. And btw in no Tier 1 HM FP will you get 3 Columi pieces and 1 Rakata piece, 1 rare pet, 1 rare speeder. It is a flashpoint that rewards the player quite well for what they do. Let's not ignore the 8 + 5 BH comms we get.

Oh, and your calls to nerfing this Flashpoint when it has already been nerfed is ridiculous. If you are struggling with it you better improvise.
Because the time and repair bill? Not many people can spend many many hours on this and pay tons of repair bill.

What makes no sense? Other HM all drop stuff that can give upgrade to most of the people. Why didn' HM EC drops 1 campaign+many Rakata or HM TFB drops 1 dreadguard+ many campaign? LI HM is the only exception.