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12.25.2012 , 12:01 PM | #11
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Do these exist? I've really been noticing alot lately, at a crucial turning point in a match, suddenly my player becomes almost uncontrollable for 20 seconds because of lag. The bomb is planted on the door by the enemy team and everything turns back to normal. I just always assumed it was poor server maintenance and programming by BW, seeing how they haven't fixed the ability lag yet, that has been here since day 1. But I see people talking about it alot now, saying there is a lag hack. If so, this is a very serious problem, and should go at the very top of BW's priority list. I don't know how many games I've quit playing cuz of hacks.
On my realm i WARNED players about hacking lags, but all considered me NOOB. So i stoped to prove i am right even if i have seen enough to take conclusion. Ya, indeed, they can bug or lag the game so they can HACK undetected. Those programs exist since WOW game and are designed to work here too. You can see players untouchable like they are far away from you even if you are on top of them, you will see players vanishng, using /stuck bug to disapear 20-30 m away, you will see speed hack, lag hack and many more, ALL NBOT INVESTIGATED PROPER YET:

Good job DEVS. Be sure we love u for that!