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I have no doubt that RPGs will continue to stand strong on the PC and consoles. I don't think tablets are well suited to RPGs. Obsidian is actually currently in the process of making an RPG that harkens back to the Infinity Engine era of PC-RPGs. Once I'm done with this game I probably won't buy anything further from Bioware Austin, they are not RPG developers. I'm still looking forward to Bioware Edmonton's next game.
Interesting point of view! However I do think that tablets could be great for RPGs as:

It widens the audience for the games (there will probably be more tablet owners than console or gaming pc owners soon)

The people who have tablets aren't your typical gamer ie they will more likely to be interested in the interactive story that most RPGs are.

You don't have to be as 'twitchy' at the controls of an RPG, usually compared to a MMO or first person shooter.

Whet I'm saying is essentially that you could imagine KOTOR being quite easily ported to the iPad for example.