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Apologies for not reading all 34 pages, in case this has already been posted.

The sentinel's gear is Rakata/BH, campaign MH, Columi OH.
The sage's gear is BH/campaign, Rakata MH, BH OH.
Companions are a mix of level 50 blues, BH, and everything in between.

(Edit) It should be stated that we're not awesome players. As is plainly seen in the video, there are sloppy mistakes happening (mostly the sentinel :P). We've barely cleared HM EC, and have just started to attempt HM TFB. We are NOT high end raiders, by any means. We were simply looking for a challenge, as there's no small group content that offers any sort of sporting challenge outside of HM LI.

We're going to try 3 manning LI HM in nothing higher than Tionese next =D. When (if?) we're successful, I hope the whole "nerf HM LI!" argument is put to rest, since if an experienced group can do it with 3 people, you'd think that a group with less experience, but 33% more manpower (well, ok, the companion still counts as a half man.... I guess) SHOULD be able to complete the same thing.
You are still better than 80% (or even more) of them
Thank you for this video My challenge is similar : I'm trying to do some 50 HM FP alone (with a compagnion, of course). Actually, I can clean Taral V HM with a sentinel and False Emperor HM with my Trooper + a few bosses. I should try Esseless now, probably doable.