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With assault spec build you can get +15% bonus on tech crit so you can get 48% tech crit if you are stacking it.

But yesterday I was told by best PT on our server that he dropped all accuracy and went for surge/power/aim... so did I and It's interesting numbers ..

AIM: 2003
bonus tech dmg: 950
tech crit 38%
surge 79,9%

But again this is for AS spec. I'd like to know what about gunnery, rly acc and crit? Because I think those are kinda overrrated. With 90% acc I havent missed any HiB so far ...
In my humble oppinion you dont need more acc then what you get from the 2 power/acc implants, everything else is just a waste. It happens that a sage/sorc manages a deflect once per warzone or so but all the extra damage i do on every other skill more then makes up for it. I play arsenal, i am at 1953 aim, about 950 tech dmg about the same crit as you and maybe 78% surge.

Getting acc for pvp is a waste imo.
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