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Got to 40 and ran more PvP today. Pyro is a TON of fun. I'm consistently top 3 damage in warzones, and by using Rapid Shots I'm very mobile. I barely use Power Shots, to the point I'm considering taking it off my bar. I think in 4 or 5 warzones I used it maybe 3 times. Waiting for Unload to proc PPA and setting up for burst just seems a lot easier and fluidthan tying to proc PPA as often as possible. Would I do more damage? Probably. I probably should use PS more often than I am, but I find by the time I get my CGC up from Rapid Shots it's time to do my burst rotation again.
my god.....pre 50 does not matter u can own 90% of enemies with anyclass in 10-49 bracket, reminds me of another guy that posted ,,I play a lvl 20 something merc and i melt ppl, merc is fine" O_O aham; now I`m really curious myself to see what they add to each skill tree in the expansion or even if they finally change something in the next patch