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12.25.2012 , 05:41 AM | #1
Way back early in 2012 at the guild summit,
Gabe told us about several key items that were in development.

First of all, we were told that you knew how important the ability to choose which warzones we queue for was, and that you would be adding facilities to do this.
I still do not have a way to NOT queue for huttball, which seriously degrades my gameplay experience.

Secondly we were told in quite good detail about the ranking systems for Team and Solo Ranked PVP.
This splits into 2 parts.
Firstly, When will SOLO Ranked PVP be added to the game.
Secondly, When will Season 1 of Team ranked PVP begin?

Can you confirm that these key features will be released in the ROTHC expansion,
And if not, WHY NOT.

I am sick of all the features we have been promised, and have bothered remaining a subscriber for, being shelved soon after we are told that these features are "coming soon".
Stop developing any new ideas until such time as all of the features we have been promised time and time again have actually been finished.