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You can keep an eye out for them on the GTN -- just set the filters to Armor, Custom quality and level 50-50 for a range. "Battlemaster" is also probably part of any such schematic's name, so include that in your search. You never know -- I've seen people selling PvP gear shells on the GTN before. Knowing BM was disappearing made me purchase a set of all the craftable shells myself; I just wish I would have considered the nostalgia value that holding onto some of those boxes and selling them in the future might bring.

I just hope they remove the Valor requirement from the gear. Now that you can get War Hero gear immediately upon hitting level 50 if you have the comms to buy it, it seems pretty silly to have a value requirement on outdated gear.

Then again, crafting in SWTOR *is* rather silly in many ways.
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