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Fair enough. I forgot the original topic was about something else and I kinda hijacked the thread a bit.You quoted my post so I thought you were addressing me. My mistake.

As an avid MMO player of 8 years my advice to the OP then would be to never. Never. NEVER choose your class based on current game balance.


Why? Because MMOs are dynamic. They never stay the same. For example, lets say you choose to play PT over Merc simply because PTs are in a better spot PvP wise. Now, while you're leveling, a major balance patch is released that buffs Mercs and makes them quite good in PvP all of a sudden, and PTs received a couple of nerfs but are still viable, albeit not as desirable. Well now what do you do? Continue to level the PT even though they aren't as good or reroll as a Merc this time?

I chose Merc over PT for 2 reasons, and 2 reasons only:

1. I wanted to play range

2. 2 guns are cooler than 1

That's it. End of list. I was aware Mercs weren't in the best spot in PvP but it had no bearing on my decision because choosing your class based on playstyle mechanics and aesthetics ALWAYS ends up trumping going for what's considered "overpowered", because power always ends up changing hands eventually.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aaoogaa View Post
Pyro would do better if BW allowed mercs to proc HIB (edit- sorry CGC...trying to keep lingo merc oriented) off of punch like powertechs (a suggestion I have made that would put this spec on even footing) but currently in 50 pvp without this ability they are not as competative as powertech pyro. This is the difference between the 17k burst the powertech can put out and the so so damage the merc puts out.
Actually the ability you're thinking of is Rail Shot.

That change doesn't really make sense for the class fundamentally speaking since you're essentially looking to force a ranged class, that generally wants to keep as great a distance from its enemies as possible, to have the main proc of one of its specs tied to an ability that only has a 4m range. While it is an instant ability I don't think it would translate smoothly in actual gameplay.

Personally, it doesn't sting as much if/when Unload gets interrupted as a Pyro Merc, since the main reason I use Unload in the first place is to proc PPA, and whether or not it procs is determined as soon as the ability is activated. If I can get the full Unload off I just look at that as bonus damage, but that's just me, and yes I realize I'm just looking for the silver lining in an unideal situation here.

Arsenal on the other hand suffers a lot more from interrupted Unloads...