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I don't get people like you. You sulk around the forums trying to bring down anyone and everyone having a little sliver of fun with the class down. Why? Because you're butthurt at the current state of Mercs and have to make sure everyone is as miserable as you are? Why can't you just let the people who want to discuss and make the best of what they can do that and go on your way?

Oh, right because misery loves company...
He asked a question and I answered it. I quoted you because it points out the issue for some with the class great early on leading to a false sense of the class for later on. He didn't ask me to give him lolly pops and flowers...the current state of the merc in PVP at level 50 is sub par to many other ACs. There isn't much to argue with there.

The sub 50 game mercs are fun...I am leveling a merc right now as a matter of fact and generally score double the damage of most in the warzone (due to experience I have leveling a commando). Once I hit 50 he will get shelved because I have no urge to do that grind again for pvp.

Pyro would do better if BW allowed mercs to proc HIB (edit- sorry CGC...trying to keep lingo merc oriented) off of punch like powertechs (a suggestion I have made that would put this spec on even footing) but currently in 50 pvp without this ability they are not as competative as powertech pyro. This is the difference between the 17k burst the powertech can put out and the so so damage the merc puts out.

I am glad that you think your opinion is greater than mine, but I was responding to the op in my post not to the banter happening in the thread..except for the last quote.

Oh and on the positive side merc is amazing for PVE...there not all negative.
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