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This is the problem. At 40 it is fun but at 50 when the player base gets better overall you will find good players waiting for your unload to interrupt ruining your burst potential. You will not be able to use power shot for the same reasons as above...a vanguard can lock you out of any channeled ability for over 20 seconds forcing you to rely on rapid shots, your dot, grenades and your punch. They get to use every ability they have without worry. One jedi will be able to destroy you with very little effort. You have fun now thinking to yourself man what a great class and then hit 50 pvp and grind the gear only to find out that the class is average when played flawlessly...when you could be playing vanguard assault for much greater effect. Yes, you will have a good game every once in awhile...but play an AC where every game is a good game.

Actually they are the cake or lack there of in the merc's case. While a Powertech can fairly reliably max our a 3 second burst in the 17k range on the move the merc cannot.
I don't get people like you. You sulk around the forums trying to bring down anyone and everyone having a little sliver of fun with the class down. Why? Because you're butthurt at the current state of Mercs and have to make sure everyone is as miserable as you are? Why can't you just let the people who want to discuss and make the best of what they can do that and go on your way?

Oh, right because misery loves company...