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Bads always blame gear..

..havent seen any so-called «pro-players» to run WZ in tier-1 gear.
Yeah.. «skill.. blah..blah..blah.. »

I remember those times when at start some «very devoted» players have grinded («ground» for grammar-naziz) their top-gear faster than others and have been «top players» up until all other normal players grinded the same gear.. and suddenly these «pro-players» become bored from the game... lol..

The fresh example: Just compare pre- and post- 1.6 Wzs..
Yes. There are very bad PuGs still exists, but there is much more greater chance to see the competitive WZ game now. No more faceroll from WH-geared premade against Recruit geared PuGs..
So, the PuGs suddenly learn how to play? Or «pro» teams suddenly lost their skills?
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