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Got to 40 and ran more PvP today. Pyro is a TON of fun. I'm consistently top 3 damage in warzones, and by using Rapid Shots I'm very mobile. I barely use Power Shots, to the point I'm considering taking it off my bar. I think in 4 or 5 warzones I used it maybe 3 times. Waiting for Unload to proc PPA and setting up for burst just seems a lot easier and fluidthan tying to proc PPA as often as possible. Would I do more damage? Probably. I probably should use PS more often than I am, but I find by the time I get my CGC up from Rapid Shots it's time to do my burst rotation again.
This is the problem. At 40 it is fun but at 50 when the player base gets better overall you will find good players waiting for your unload to interrupt ruining your burst potential. You will not be able to use power shot for the same reasons as above...a vanguard can lock you out of any channeled ability for over 20 seconds forcing you to rely on rapid shots, your dot, grenades and your punch. They get to use every ability they have without worry. One jedi will be able to destroy you with very little effort. You have fun now thinking to yourself man what a great class and then hit 50 pvp and grind the gear only to find out that the class is average when played flawlessly...when you could be playing vanguard assault for much greater effect. Yes, you will have a good game every once in awhile...but play an AC where every game is a good game.

So yes, I do see it that way - PS RS resets are icing on the cake.
Actually they are the cake or lack there of in the merc's case. While a Powertech can fairly reliably max our a 3 second burst in the 17k range on the move the merc cannot.
-I would rather pay for a great game than play a poor game for free.
-Viable and worthwhile are not the same when it comes to class design.
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