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1. People who post prices below the given buyout price. If two Terenthium cost 95 creds to gather, you need to sell both of them for 50-75 each to make any profit. Can't believe people are too stupid to understand that...

2. If I want to sell multiple stacks of the same item, I have to post that stack, then manually adjust the price. For each. Effing. Stack.

3. Buy my damn Silica already.
Or Desh. You can get a lot of both if you're overzealous on scanning every desh pile/droid corpse you find in some places.

I noticed that most of the crafting schematics require resources in groups of 2, 4, 6, or 8 of a particular material. I might try selling resources in those denominations plus some larger groups. So I can have something for those who are missing a small amount of material for one item and some bulk amounts for those trying some larger scale crafting.

Edit: Re, the crowds at the fleet sites and other public kiosks. It's not too annoying, though it's probably polite to dismiss your vehicle first before stepping up to it.

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