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What do I think? I think your prices are inflated and I think your preferred customer program is still too stringent. And I say this as a subscriber. I understand a desire to meet a bottom line but some items, if you convert them to their value in USD or other currency, are

The Cartel Market is exciting and microtransations are going to bolster your revenue in a major way but there's a responsible way to go about it and an irresponsible way. You're tilted far more to the latter end of the scale, both in terms of your store and your actual FTP/'Preferred Status' options. The balance has not been struck.

Also, three words: Live Events Team.

There was a person giving out free Life Day gifts on the Fleet of my server, in character. All that took was one person and it made things feel alive! And one person who couldn't, say, just add items randomly to inventories to hand out.

I hosted a swoop race on my server. Big cash rewards, people using Imp/Rep banners as checkpoint markers. Three tiers of racing. And it took barely five people to run! I understand the desire to allocate resources to new content and (insultingly) new cartel packs but your game world is DEAD without the efforts of players.

Look at your competition! Other games have legitimate holiday events. We get things to BUY. Other games celebrate their first year with aplomb. You gave out fireworks.

Heck, I will volunteer to be on your events team, if it exists, free of charge. Because if people are doing their work for them, you might as well just admit that we're on your staff.
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