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I think you are wrong in flaming people selling in lower stacks

I sell both... I will sell large stacks... but I also sell small stacks which I try to base on use... if there is a popular recipe that takes 4 of x... then Ill post stacks of 4... and often I will make a greater profit on that small stack... cuz where they might not want to buy your stack of 50 at 50k (since they only need 4)... I can usually sell my stack of 4 at 6k and make a greater per...

as for undercutting... I have been playing ah's ever since they added them to games... and while some price stupildy... many like me have a set profit margin and if I can cut you by 1 and still make my margin then all I can say is sorry... but once below my margin I just wont sell...

oh and while you hate undercutters... am I also supposed to believe that you will never raise your price if you see an item selling for more?
stacks of 4 are better than 1. But it's basic math.

You can have too 90 slots to sell now. So, using that number you place 90 stacks of 4 at 6k per (1500cpu). Experience tells me over two days you will sell roughly 50-70 of the 90. Lets use that average of 60. 60 X 6k = 360k in sales

Using those same 90 slots and you place 90 items up for sale in stacks of 20 at 20k (1000cpu).
Experience tells me over two days you will sell roughly 40-60 of the 90. Lets use that average of 50. 50 X 20k = 1,000,000 in sales. That's almost triple your sales in the same 2 day period.

As a buyer (crafter) a stack of 20 for 500cpu less is far more worth it as you will use that item more than just once to make a single item down the road.