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Ok, not that new but have a question, somehow I have never figured this out: How, exactly, does one acquire level 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 mod/hilt/barrel (etc... you get the point) schematics? Is there a source for these things, other than buying one at EXTREME expense and RE? Do some of these post-50 schematics drop? Can they be bought? As I said, I guess I should probably have picked this info up somewhere but I haven't. Thanks in advance....don't hurt me.
there are no 23,24,25 hilt and barrel schematics nor can be re to get them. the mod and enhancement schematics for 25 drop in ops i believe. the armoring i think is drop and re only. these are some what rare drops. been a while since i ran these. my guild is focusing on other content now.

the 26 barrels, hilts, mods and enhancements can be re from campaign and black hole gear. the armoring can only be re from the dropped armoring where campaign drops. in other words you cant get a armoring schematic from bh or campaign re gear. cant remember the specific mob as due to work my play time has decreased a lot this time of year.

27 is dread guard re. i am not sure if schematics drop or not. i am missing my guild runs into there due to work.

you cant buy the player made gear and re them as it wasn't allowed. perhaps this has changed recently but for myself it wasn't ever a option. i just re black hole gear for mats and sometimes get a mod or enhancement schematic.

as you can see none of these schematics can be bought.

perhaps other can clarify a few things and give more details. good luck.