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There is only one crew skill in this game - Biochem. Anything else is something you stick on an alt you don't play
thank you.

i need more posts like this so i can sell even more of my augment kits, augments, 26/27 armorings, enhancements, mods and hilts, stabilizers and droid parts. meanwhile you are using your lvl 48 purple clickies when i am making or even buying my 50 ones from you at stupid low prices because so many of you go this route. again thank you ever so much.

armormech with scavenging and underworld trading is good for your class. you will be able to make all of your and companions gear leveling up. at level 50 you can make your augment kits and cunning augments. you can also sell aim, cunning and kits for credits too. just make a bounty hunter alt and take slicing for the blue and purple mats or buy them off the gtn. the blue t6 mats used to be stupid cheap.

just buy your biochem stuff from the gtn. the bh com blue ones cost 15-20k credits and last 2 hours. pretty cheap as everyone sells them and they cant be re into purples either. so if a biochem you will be using the lvl 48 reusables which are weaker and sell the bh com 50 ones.