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If you're wearing DPS gear then don't bother honestly. And don't take the kinetic ward talent since that's all about shielding. In fact consider switching to a 27/0/14 or a 23/1/17 hybrid.

If you're going to try to tank in PVP go all out, but I don't think you'll enjoy your performance.
Also I thought I've read somewhere if you rip DPS mods out and put them in a shield offhand that your primary damage will still be lower... I haven't tested this myself, but will take a look at it in a day or two.

But look up any of the Shinarika armory/builds/guides/threads/videos and you'll see some of the exampled hybrid builds. Even then I would take those and modify them to your play style, hell due to field respec and a full lockout in the spawn room I might change up specs if its required.

IMO, I don't look at the OP'ness of being able to 1v1 or anything like that. I look at the fact you can be extremely annoying/capable of stopping caps or holding out till reinforcements show up in any of the 24/x/x builds. Also excellent at killing ball carriers in hutt ball...

But that's my play style, I am the one who will normally take one for the team and run to snow or grass or east or west, and just sit there if I have to. The one who waits near our in zone when a ball carrier passes that comfort zone of getting close to a cap.

But this is coming from a two week old 50 assassin that's called a noob or pos for having 16.8 k health in every other warzone i queue up in.