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If you do not play a stealth class or play one and wonder why you are randomly taken out of stealth often in group content - this is why: Certain enemies in the game have been given the ability to detect and unstealth stealth classes from a long distance away, putting them in combat at the same time. This is usually restricted to bosses but random enemies in the landscape will have this ability as well.

I do not have an issue with enemies being able to detect stealth, after all that is a design decision and it is up to you. I do however have an issue with this mechanic's current implementation.

As it is right now these enemies detect stealth from VERY far away. I can be stealthed and walking around then suddenly the big targeting lazer appears on my character and I honestly do not know where the enemy is they are so far away. In an area with many enemies who all have this ability (like the main questline area on Ilum) stealth is impossible. I will be detected immediately and have the entire zone aggro on me. That is clearly not going to work in the long run.

As a class that relies a lot on stealth-openers, it is very irritating that I am completely unable to use these on bosses. This is due to bosses detecting and unstealthing stealth classes while simultaneously putting them in combat from a long distance away even if they are not targeting the stealth class. You cannot stealth while in combat, so you have to beat the tank to the boss; yet currently this is impossible as you will be unstealthed before you get to him even if the tank hits him.

I also feel like my group is at risk simply becuase I am there. Like Luke on the shuttle to Endor I am "endangering the mission" becuase these enemies can see a stealth class from a mile away and will aggro when the group is perhaps not ready for them.

Please let me use stealth openers on bosses, please let me get into proper positions, and please take a look at this mechanic. I love my class and would like to use it to its fullest with my guild.
LI Patrol BOTS come to mind . )