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What I would love to see in the new Expansion is an added ability in our tree that enables us to cleanse Force and Tech effects on us. I have a lot of experience with 1v1'ing other classes-Vanguard Tanks (in full tank gear and with 31 points in the tank tree) can easily take down a skilled Shadow/Assassin and a Focus/Rage Guardian or Juggernaut. The biggest class I have a problem with is Balance Sages-I can't do anything to mitigate their dots. So give me the ability to cleanse it and I'm happy.

Something like this, in terms of what the ability would do-

Envigor-Cleanses yourself of up to two negative Force or Tech effects. Cooldown is 25 seconds.

That's all I want in terms of my Skill Tree in the expansion. It's basically like a healer's cleanse, but you can only use it on yourself.
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