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In your world, yes RRRRRR KILL QUINN is your response. In others who are not just killing machines but playing politics killing Quinn is either an option or not. I let him live and took it out on Baras, in fact i had at my fight to Baras could see he had failed in his attempt to kill me. You see Baras was the string holder and Quinn did what he was told, once Baras is killed/imprisoned/exiled he is no longer doing anything to Quinn. Would I trust Quinn right away, hell no but knowing Baras is dead and failed in basically everything he tried was good enough for me. I don't feel the need to kill everything in my path when I get what I want w/out resorting to murder at every step. You wanna be the big bad DS 5 person killing everything in your path go right ahead, not all of us play our characters like this, we are more civilized in our game. To say how I play my story is wrong, sorry its MY story not yours. BTW do you think the Dark Council members just killed their way there or perhaps it was killing AND politics both that got them there?
killing is a form of politics too. I would refrain from using word "civilized", civilisations were raised by endless competition, cut troaths and power struggles. Well, I think it is fuly justified to call other options than killing Quinn naive and pointless, well risky at very least. Murder is simple and effective solution, especially in the Star Wars universe where force exists. Few of them, weaker ones probably went thro mud and covert ops, web of intrigues etc. to get there, other maybe were granted their position only thanks to force power they wield. Also as mentioned before, killing is also a form of politics
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