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As a healer I hate anything with 26k+ unless in at least half DG gear. It wastes my time healing health which should not have been lost in the first place via mitigation. With the currently available mods, enhancements and augments it is pretty much impossible to hit hard DR on all def, shield and absorb.

While there are fights with predominantly unmitigated damage I do not see what difference it makes if the tank's health moves in 10k-25k range or 15k-30k range. If I need that 5k as a buffer then I fail as a healer and it has nothing to do with the tank's gear.

I do concede on the Shadow point. First of all I see the rational for higher HP (self heals are a percentage of health) and secondly I only have Jugg and Vang tanks so I will not pretend to know anything about Shadow tanking.

OP: Scoundrel healing does go into super efficient mode on targets below 30% and thus the higher health a tank has the higher the 30% range is. But ask yourself, do you really want to keep a tank at 30% just for that, especially with how efficient Scoundrel healing is anyway. For Commando and Sages it is detrimental as they can panic when they see a tank at 30% and move onto less resource efficient healing.
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