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I am afraid I have to disagree with you there, if you look on the damage output from Lorrick and compare it to LR-5 the difference is significant. However I agree with you that the fight CAN contain loads of damage, however that is only if the group handles the mechanics incorrect. Standing in fire/lava and/or lightning is easily avoided and yes, having two melee DPS instead of two range makes it a bit harder, however not that much more complex. In the case of three range and one melee tank, tank hardly ever have to move and for him it becomes a standstill-tank-spank fight. However if there is two or one melee he has to move the boss to avoid standing in lightning pillars, not that much of a problem TBH. I think that you are correct that the mechanics is much harder then any other fight in another flashpoint.

Sav Rak is almost all about avoiding huge damage spikes, like getting pushbacked into the lava, messing up the fire on pillars so he contines spreading out his hard hitting poision on all players. The enrage might be thight, never had any problems with it on any of my chars, and then I have done the entire then in full Tionese (entire group was in full tionese) so I guess that part is more about personal skill then a short enrage timer.

The three bosses are not that far away from eachother in severity, however Dr Lorrick is significantly harder then the other two and also rewards very good loot, the rakata chest.

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