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12.24.2012 , 02:51 PM | #6
Bio Please stop you're **** and hire sufficient staff! If You're F2P is doing so successful why have you yet to fix You're confirmed Mem leak, as well as poor game play (hardly any connection to the game for thousands) , servers randomly going down, and last but not least You're technical problems (such as hundred peeps still not gaining cartel coins and still currently sub'd), all the way down to You're phone lines which is taking people on avg 45 min - 90 min. So Bio I've been here much before the game release, as for this I'm telling You the game is not what You promised to be "an experience like no other". In that sense It is plausible that you told the truth, for their is none of these problems in any other MMO that I have yet to see. good Job at taking the money! So far that's the only thing that works great... You taking my money. You should be giving the sub'd a little something extra for bearing through the crap as you still obviously build the game. Good luck Bio and may the force be with you, Always.

P.s Possibly bringing back my RP thread from 10-11 for those of you that got down on that ****.