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there is no need for intelligent approach if you can simply raze your enemies. overthinking simple things is a waste of the most important resource, time. Theres no "mad" choice for SW, nothing that I encountered.

Sith Warrior is not a soldier and politics and diplomacy are the least of his concerns especially that he belongs to Empire and operating within empire structures is quite simple. If he was even a little bit of politic animal then he would turn Dark Council against Baras, after all he tried to pose as the Voice. Probably dozen options to dispose of him.

theres no use for Quinn after his tratirous play other than decoy.

you like to write a lot but what I meant was that your job is irrelevant, and then considering human rights silliness it is simply useless information to me, but overall it is manipulation to audience - would be much easier if anyone was just simply a forum user, not an "expert".
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