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For those of you who aren't interested in math or the abstract concepts of game design and balance, you can probably just ignore this completely.

I working on a purely conceptual project dealing with building abilities and attack strings and bunch of other things only tangentially related to what's in game at the moment I'm curious if anyone else has already been able to answer a question that, otherwise, I would have to do a lot of work myself to arrive at. The question is remarkably simple but notoriously complex since you're dealing with a *lot* of specific abilities and I'm looking for a general guideline: what is the general balance formula for the additional power attributed to an ability based upon the presence and duration of a cooldown? For example, Healing Trance heals for more than Deliverance for a similar cast/activation time and cost because it has a CD. I'm looking for a basic formulaic guideline of how much more powerful an ability should be based upon the presence of a CD and the duration of said CD.

I have a general feeling (based upon my intuition and experience already dealing with similar formulas) that it's on something of a diminishing returns curve, but I'm just curious if anyone has already done anything of the kind?
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