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Ok but leaving the FP early is also their choice, whether through frustration or lack of more time. I mean it's not Bioware's fault if you guys decide you don't want to have more tries on bosses anymore, it's not Bioware's fault that the bosses wiped the floor with you. This is like demanding the Dread Guard Headpiece drop from Colonel Vorgath, the boss before him. All bosses reward differently -- to be entitled to that loot you need to be killing the bosses.
So you mentioned TFB, does TFB HM only drop level 63 gear from the last boss TFB ? Why every boss drops level 63 gear rather than campaign or rakata? Because it's to match the difficulty and let people be able to upgrade. Tier 1HM is the same thing, previous bosses drop columi earpieces/implants, relics and Exotech, why can't LI do the same and drop rakata earpieces/implants?

The boss' difficultly should match its drop, and give upgrade to the majority who can do it.