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Whatever I can do first off.
If you are tryng to get a purple schematic you will have to reverse engineer the lighsaber. If it is green quality you will get a blue one first and then you will have to make the blue and reverse engineer it to a purple. Now all this can take a while a sometimes you will only get some of the items you used and not a schematic.

If you are trying to add an augment to it talk to a synweaver, armormech or armstech person and have them craft you a kit (they will need to know which level you are so they can craft the correct one) and then you can go to a modification table and equip the augment table to the saber. Depending on the level depends on how much you will be charged for it.

Then you will need to decide what augment you want in your saber and you may need to look on the GTN or if you or someone else can craft one that you want . After you find the augment you want you just add it to the saber like you would do the modficiations, hilt , crystal and enchancemens.
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