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oh my oh my you write about your job - - - again. your whole post is a wishful thinking and inconsistent writing of a mentioned quest.

Sith that follows the Dark Side would tear Quinn apart just for trying. Warrior is powerful, hes not an inquisitor, he doesnt even like conspirators, he would punish Quinn.
In our world, a warrior at the top of his game trained in the best academy is able to operate in the world of politics and diplomacy - this is the product that Annapolis or Norwich University would produce in a field officer, and I don't imagine Korriban would demand less, in that culture. Likewise any candidate fi r diplomatic service had better have read Clauswitz and taken enough military history and military science to at least have good relations with his/her counterparts.

You don't have an empire based entirely on mad Sith. It isn't consistent with lore or good sense. Trust me, our own colonial history, which inspired much of the empire setting, was Dark enough with exactly this sort of coldly pragmatic thinking. It is the exact basis of most of what is called evil in the world today - not madness, but power plays within selfish contexts, and the rest of the world go hang. Nothing else is required for the world to go to hell.

It's fun to play a totally mad Sith, as a player who doesn't get that stretch presumably in real life. But were it my empire, I'd be rooting out the powerful truly mad ones early (and there's also evidence of that in lore - madness overtakes Sith later, and many are ruthless, but only so much waste of resources is tolerated without self-policing).

You seem to mistake power for a lack of intelligence or self reflection. They are not exclusive in the extraordinary individual. The warrior can be played as a rugby jock, but the storyline wraps itself around a dark version of Peter Deth Wimsey very nicely -one of the great joys of Bioware games.

And I write about my work as an academic reference. It shows where I am drawing information from in a lore based discussion. If that sounds like bragging to you, then maybe you haven't got relevant experience and come from some culture where talking about your work implies you are better, smarter, richer, higher status? That's what you brought to that, my dear. I am just relating my experience in decades in academia and NGOs for the most part - a career that does not make you richer and by dark side interpretation impairs your advancement, probably implying poor things about your intelligence. Your ego has nothing to fear from the likes of me.

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