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12.24.2012 , 11:39 AM | #9
I can agree with the op on this,
Lets look at Kaon for a moment, this and LI are considered expansions. Why , because they came out as new content after launch. Anyone remeber the raqghoul event? These were the first FP designed as solely lvl50 content. All other SM FP have a below lvl 50 content.
There are several trash mobs that require skill and comunication to survive. The dark room must be pulled and dps'd just right. The area right befor the final boss also requires some serious cc's to make it better than wipe fest. Also fresh 50's might not have the best survivability depending if they are in just tionese.
As for the boss fights, the behemoth takes a minor amount of co-ordination to kill- especially if the party is all melee. The final boss fight is easy compaired to the adds are harder to kill than the actual boss. Since his two adds are untankable the fight can be trouble for fresher tanks who don't know the fight. Even though the cannon/turret encounter counts as a boss fight it just requires skillmore than gear to do it.
I believe when the devs took the nerf bat to all the trash mobs in FP's this one didn't get hit.