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I'm optomistic in that I think that tablets will be the sort of gaming device where RPGs will be more at home. And there is predicted to be quite a lot of these sold.

As for the old Republic as imagined by BW. Well this is the last we will here from them (this game) I should think. So let's enjoy what we have. Whilst imagining what KOTOR 3 could've been, of course!
I have no doubt that RPGs will continue to stand strong on the PC and consoles. I don't think tablets are well suited to RPGs. Obsidian is actually currently in the process of making an RPG that harkens back to the Infinity Engine era of PC-RPGs. Once I'm done with this game I probably won't buy anything further from Bioware Austin, they are not RPG developers. I'm still looking forward to Bioware Edmonton's next game.