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It's not a top Tier, not anymore, but it is still useful to players with Columi.

Some people couldn't kill Lorrick, either they wipe too many times or could not do Lorrick due to tank/dps issue. Or they beat LR-5 through hard try but the healer could not handle Sav-Rak. Then they wipe but if the bosses drop some Rakata level stuff they still get something useful for their hard work against LR-5/Sav Rak. And like Tier 1 HM, previous bosses should drop something useful to the majority who can do it(Tionese), especially since the 3 bosses are not skippable.
Ok but leaving the FP early is also their choice, whether through frustration or lack of more time. I mean it's not Bioware's fault if you guys decide you don't want to have more tries on bosses anymore, it's not Bioware's fault that the bosses wiped the floor with you. This is like demanding the Dread Guard Headpiece drop from Colonel Vorgath, the boss before him. All bosses reward differently -- to be entitled to that loot you need to be killing the bosses.
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