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Are Carthar known for having Russian accents? I thought only Juhani did.
I wouldn't say Russian accents, but they do sound different. Humans evolved from omnivores while Cathar evolved from carnivores. Their dental structure would produce a voice with much more pronounced sibilants. It would be very cool for Bioware to do this with the voice, but I don't see them redoing the voice for all eight classes on all missions. And I don't see how you could apply a filter to the existing ones to modify the sound sufficiently (but I'm not sound effects artist).

Back on topic, I am still waiting eagerly for the Cathar to be released. I'm feeling a bit burnt out on the game. The new tier 7 ship components have bankrupted me between my two 50s I've managed five or six of the parts and now I'm broke. So I've been playing a lot of Skyrim and LOTRO while I rebuild my savings on the AH.
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