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Just seems like if you primarily proc PPA from Unload you aren't really taking advantage of the cooldown reset since Unload and RS have the same cooldown, although I may be thinking about it the wrong way. RS -> Unload -> RS with explosives is probably where the burst from Pyro is at. Proccing RS from Power Shot is probably more icing on the cake.

Yeah, that makes more sense when I think about it like that.
Yes, you are correct. Bombs+RS=>Unload=>RS is your bread and butter burst, indeed.

Also, think about it as priorities. Dead DPS don't do damage, it's a well-known fact. Mobility is the key to survivability, and, while you don't have the talent points for a full build yet, I'd advise getting 31 pyro ASAP, because it contains all of your core combat system elements.

About not taking advantage from PS resets - it's true. Merc Pyro is a bit less reliant on RS than PT pyro. One of the reasons for this is much more unwieldy reset system, and considerably less ArP on railshots. But instead you have long range, full mobility, cleansing (a very underrated skill that can remove many snares, roots, dots and some delayed blast skills like explosive probes which hurt a lot for Sab Gunslingers in particular)

So yes, I do see it that way - PS RS resets are icing on the cake.

Interesting. Most Pyro builds I see are like 3/7/31.

I would have thought Gyroscopic Alignment Jets would be more beneficial what with all the CC in PvP but I see you opted to skip it. With your liberal usage of Rapid Shots I would have thought Rapid Venting's usefulness would have been diminished. I did want to take Stabilizers but most builds I've seen take Hired Muscle from the Bodyguard tree instead.
Alignment jets are more useful to Bodyguards. Thing is - unlike PT pyro, you don't have a bread-and-butter ammo dump (heat gain) ability like Flame Burst. You don't need the excess heat dump in melee range (because the longest range stuns are 10 meters - the only things you'd benefit from is long-range roots which are available to, like 2 classes, one of them needs what amounts to a pve spec for that). And if something is in your melee range, you don't overheat - you get away. Your kiting skills cost 0 to 8 heat. Knockback, Degauss, stun dart, instant concussive, Sweltering Heat, Triage and LoS-dance.

Yeah, Jets are nice to have. But Degauss is much more valuable. You could exchange Jets for Rapid Venting, I suppose - PTs use it more because Flame Burst is a legitimate overheat burn (pun intended) tool, and Mercs would just use rapid shots instead.

There are options in the build, and quite a few points can be tossed around differently. Like Alacrity instead of Stamina (I still prefer the latter because the former, realistically, only mildly affects PS and LoS heals. And you can get Hired Muscle instead of Stabilizers in Arsenal. Matter of preference and convenience - I prefer Stabilizers, since shots can get pushed back with loose damage flying around, and I'd need to stay in the open more than I want to. But +3% crit makes more sense from a minmaxing standpoint.
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