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You should cast them if the enemy lets you cast them. Which isn't an awful lot. If you stop to cast, even with no immediate threat to your virtual person, you're instantly a target for 5 Marauders to charge you and smash you into oblivion. Doing what you do while LoS-dancing is a great way of saying "I'm really not worth the trouble to try and target and charge me from the thick melee zone while getting pounded."
Just seems like if you primarily proc PPA from Unload you aren't really taking advantage of the cooldown reset since Unload and RS have the same cooldown, although I may be thinking about it the wrong way. RS -> Unload -> RS with explosives is probably where the burst from Pyro is at. Proccing RS from Power Shot is probably more icing on the cake.

Yeah, that makes more sense when I think about it like that.

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I run this, and I'm fully satisfied. Automated Defenses, in my experience, aren't as useful as they seem on paper.
Interesting. Most Pyro builds I see are like 3/7/31.

I would have thought Gyroscopic Alignment Jets would be more beneficial what with all the CC in PvP but I see you opted to skip it. With your liberal usage of Rapid Shots I would have thought Rapid Venting's usefulness would have been diminished. I did want to take Stabilizers but most builds I've seen take Hired Muscle from the Bodyguard tree instead.